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View Diary: Kinky Friedman could win Texas Governor's race. Really! (152 comments)

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  •  sorry (none)
    but no he won't.  the young voters he'll attract will laugh at his jokes, drink the beer & stay home.

    not the most dedicated citizens frankly.

    those people pissed enough with the establishment to vote will look for serious candidates IMHO.

    we thought this group would vote en mass for Kerry.  P. Diddy did his thing & everybody was like yeah! we're gonna change the world.

    all the did was change the channel at home when the damn election kept interupting their favorite shows.

    •  OK, not Texas... (none)
      but when I've been on the ballot here in WI with an anti-drugwar message, especially in my race for Sheriff, turnout in the "youth ghetto" in Madison's topped 80%, clearly benefitting such candidates as Feingold and Tammy Baldwin.

      I am not currently Licensed to Practice in this State. Or yours.

      by ben masel on Wed Oct 26, 2005 at 02:52:53 PM PDT

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