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View Diary: Before she ran off, Condi threw a tantrum in Ottawa.. (323 comments)

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  •  I saw her last week at a reception (3.90)
    I was invited to a reception in Birmingham given to thank people who had worked with Katrina victims. Condi and Jack Straw spoke. They were in town to attend the Alabama-Tennessee game.

    The crowd obviously wasn't screened for her the way Bush's crowds are or I wouldn't have been let in. In fact, all you needed to get in if you were on the guest list was a picture ID. No metal detectors or full body cavity searches.

    She worked the room like a pro. She and Straw told a lot of Vols jokes. The crowd was friendly to her, which is not surprising because A. This is Alabama, B. This is her hometown and C. They like Vols jokes. The press, BTW, was kept cordoned off against a back wall.

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