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View Diary: Before she ran off, Condi threw a tantrum in Ottawa.. (323 comments)

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  •  hold on now (none)
    i said...whoah!
    are you referring to nova scotia??
    it were ships sailing out of halifax that burned the white house.
    nova scotians couldn't wait to watch it burn.
    after washington basically ignored us during the revolution.
    nova scotia was the 14th colony...that's not mentioned in american history books because it didn't join the revolt.
    and it doesn't fit in tidily with the whole 13 colonies mythology thing.
    many nova scotians BEGGED washington to come and help the cause but he was caught up defending that stupid bluff in brooklyn or wherever.
    but others like my ancestors supported britain and the rest is history.
    they were american colonists like all the others. we just chose not to join up.
    which is why we share so many traditions with america.
    we even have thanksgiving...and celebrate when the pilgrims probably october.
    •  Nope (none)
      I'm referring to what is now known as British Columbia.

      "The state has no place in the bedrooms of the nation." - Pierre Trudeau

      by fishhead on Wed Oct 26, 2005 at 04:02:05 PM PDT

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      •  two plus two equals.. (none)
        oh thank god!
        uuuumm. see, "nova" being the latin term for new and "caledonia" being the roman term for scotland...and you being fish head, i just put two and two together and got five!
        as usual.
        but the whole rant about nova scotia being the 14th's all true. i swear.
        •  Simon Fraser (none)
          was reminded of his Scottish homeland when he first viewed the northern interior of present day British Columbia so he dubbed it New Caledonia. It stuck until the British territories of New Caledonia & Vancouver Island joined together to apply for entry into the Canadian confederation, circa 1858-59. Noting that the French already had a Pacific colony of the same name, New Caledonia's name was changed to British Columbia.
          •  go west old man (none)
            that's amazing.
            i've never been west of winnipeg and the history books we had down east stopped at the manitoba border too.
            and here in toronto, west means mississauga or as far out as oakville for the real gun slingin' and saloon brawls.
            •  Heh! (none)
              You are Torontonian, aren't you?   I visited Toronto a couple of times before I made it as far east as Scarborough!  The farthest east I've ever been.

              For the record, I've long thought that the union of Vancouver Island and British Columbia was a mistake.  I think V.I. would be better off as its own province.  I'm probably one of the few people in the world who owns a Vancouver Island flag - the one that flew when the Island was still a colony:

              "The state has no place in the bedrooms of the nation." - Pierre Trudeau

              by fishhead on Wed Oct 26, 2005 at 06:04:47 PM PDT

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            •  Canadian History (none)
              I've never subscribed to the long held meme that Canadian history is dull or boring. It's only largely undiscovered.

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