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  •  1812 and Michigan (none)
    Michigan had been promised to Tecumseh by General Isaac Brock as reward for siding with the British.

    It was a good deal, as the legendary native leader was solely responsible for keeping the Americans at bay along the Detroit river. Sadly, both he and Brock perished in battle and the native homeland was never realized.

    When it came time to wrap up the war, the British had the upper hand, but no stomach for an all-out struggle. So they did what they always did: gave the Yanks a sweetheart deal and immediately forgot all about Canada (can you say, "Panhandle"?).

    Funny experience for a nation to evolve directly in the shadow of the Anglo-American empire. We are sometimes reminded of this when an imperious politician arrives on our shores shocked to discover that we do not genuflect at the mere sight of their profound majesty.

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