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  •  Yes, they're 'OUR' resources... (none)
    but the US has started wars, destabilized governments, funded coups, supplied revolutionary armies, assassinated elected officials, and a lot of other 'covert' actions that kinda fly in the face of the rule of law and the spirit of democracy, all for OIL (and fruit, oddly enough).

    When it comes to dealing with the US on issues economic hegemony, those who play by the rules LOSE.    Nothing illustrates this better than the softwood lumber 'trade dispute' (my ass) / blatant exploitation.  Our present stability is only good so long as US companies hold a large stake in our oil companies.  Any serious effort on our part to change that equilibrium will result in a serious backlash.    If we want the US to back off of the abusive duties on lumber, we need only sell them a goodly chunk of the industry.  But we won't (Crown lands, thank God!), so they impose the duties.

    What it's coming to is an awakening of our politicians and economists that Canadian economic policy must be 100% self-serving and protectionist, and we must use all of our ingenuity to exploit whatever markets and opportunities we can create.  Any completely open, free-market economy in Canada results in handing our natural resources to the US, on a plate, with nothing in return.  NAFTA was a bad idea then, and  it's a worse idea now.  How badly do we have to get screwed before we see this?

    (Yes, I'm a pinko University liberal commie type, and Noam Chomsky is my hero)

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