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  •  More like a Christian Scientist radiologist (none)
    who wouldn't let you use the only MRI in town because he thought you should treat your cancer with prayer.
    •  Or the scientologist (none)
      who won't fill a bipolar's scrip for Prozac
    •  my great uncle died (none)
      because his wife was a Scientologist. He went into a diabetic coma and she wouldn't take him because it was against her religion. Medicine would've saved him.

      Fucking c**t.

      •  A woman I know (none)
        ...was told to go without her antiseizure medication.  (She eventually left the cult and now pickets them.)

        An online correspondent of mine once witnessed essentially a $cientologist pharmacist refuse to fill a scrip for Ritalin.  And, in fact, I was once challenged by a pharmacist who proceeded to screw up my Rit scrip.

        Rubus Eradicandus Est.

        by Randomfactor on Wed Oct 26, 2005 at 06:29:53 PM PDT

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        •  Damn (none)
          I am really glad that I only needed ritalin for 5 years, and only before it was taboo...

          I hope this shit gets resolved before I have kids (ADD is largly genetic).

          Ritalin testimonial:
          I am the oldest of 2 boys in my family.  My father is a retired medical school professor who, dispite his demanding job, found time to coach my soccer team (even though he knew nothing about soccer before I took it up).  My mother was a homemaker with a masters degree in speach therapy who helped me and my brother with our homework each evening.  I was not a good student for my first few years in school, but my teachers (and parents) could tell I was smart, because I would sometimes be brilliant, and other times not even hear the questions being asked of me.  The way I was treated when I was not able to pay attention made me feel stupid, and I started developing self esteem issues.  My little brother, raised largly the same way I was, was always an honer student.

          The problem clearly was not the parents.

          In the 3rd grade I saw a psychologist for the first time.  He administered an IQ test, and helped me pay attention to the task at hand when I got distracted, and gave me a little more time to finish it.  He also spoke to my teacher, my parents, and me quite a bit.  He determined that I had ADD, and made me take notes on what my homework was each day.  These notes had to be signed by my teacher otherwise I was not allowed to play that day after school.  Additionally he prescribed ritalin.  He also told me that I was likely the smartest child in my class (my dad said that was the happiest he had ever seen me until I was in love many years later).

          Immediatly my grades improved.  I went form D's to a mix of A's and B's in one year.  I was also happy again (even when the ritalin was not in my system...  ie I was not just doped up).  During the time I was on ritalin, I learned how to deal with my ADD, something I don't think I would have been able to do without the ritalin.  I tried going off the ritalin in the 8th grade, my grades dipped, and I went back on, I tried again my freshman year of HS, and they dipped only a small amount, I stayed off, and the next year my grades had come back up.

          Now, I have a BS in engineering from one of the top 10 engineering programs in the US, and I work as a research scientist at one of the other top 10 engineering schools in the US.

          My Dad, whose specialty is neuropharmachology and clinical trials, has knowledge about the tendancy of people with certain mental/neurological disorders to self medicate.  He is convinced that if not for ritalin, instead of having a job I love, and an upper middle class salary, I would be dead,  or in prison with a drug problem.

          Thank you ritalin,

          "That blood was already on the flag; we just made it visible." - Clare Grady

          by tamman2000 on Thu Oct 27, 2005 at 08:05:58 AM PDT

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      •  Sure this was a Scientologist? (none)
        Sounds more like a Christian Scientist which is totally different.
        •  oh how embarassed I feel (none)
          yes!!!! She was a Christian Scientist. Not a Scientologist.

          Oh my how I get these kooky belief systems confused.

          won't happen again.

          I must've been watching some mumbo jumbo about Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes.

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