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View Diary: Target Says, "We Won't Serve You" (265 comments)

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  •  Target (none)
    When I emailed Target about their policy, using the standard form from NARAL, their response was VERY hostile.  They said that vicious lies were being spread about them, and then described their policy, which was EXACTLY the policy that the NARAL form described--that they sent the client somewhere else to get her prescription filled because they had to support their employee.  I was very unimpressed.  I didn't email them back and say that their response made it worse, but I should have.
    •  I got the same email (4.00)
      that was posted today in an earlier diary. Rat bastards, I even mentioned in my email that I had already seen their response and it was totally inappropriate.

      Might I suggest that we both email them again?

      I really feel like polling Target customers at my local store and finding out how many approve of this "anti-discrimination" discrimination policy.

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