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View Diary: Target Says, "We Won't Serve You" (265 comments)

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  •  That is a good question (none)
    and deserves a good answer

    #1.  Target has shown, through action, that it will refuse to fill a legal prescription and

    #2 Target isn't wallmart.  Target knows that its customer base is more sophisticated and unlikely to approve of such talibangilist nonsense.  Therefore;

    #3.  We have a real chance to change Target's policy.

    •  A Couple of Answers (none)
      (1) it wasn't the company, it was one pharmacist.

      (2) Wal-Mart -- as a company -- refuses to even STOCK EC (source), so that's as clear an indication of company policy as you'll see.

      (3) Good point. Their policy could use some additional clarification. I don't think the company wants to prevent their customers from getting EC, but they need to make sure that their employees don't end up doing that based on their own beliefs.

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