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  •  This was on the previous blog (none)
    As I mentioned there, this article is missing some pieces.  The reporter, McClain, cites a 2004 PP survey that states Walgreens only stocks the pill in 25-50% of Tucson locations; however, when she called the corporate office, the rep. states "only one" in town was out of stock last week.

    McClain doesn't appear to have done any legwork to confirm facts.  I've written her a letter asking if she happened to call any pharmacies herself to check their responses.

    I don't doubt the girl had a terrible experience, or that it was exacerbated by the difficulties in getting the pill, but there are apparent contradictions in McClain's story.  I don't know if the young woman really called 'dozens' of unstocked pharmacies, if those stores lied to her for moral reasons, or if her emotional distress confused some details.

    If Walgreens had the pills in stock, did the girl call any of those stores, or was she working her way through the alphabet?  If they told her they were out of stock, was that the 'one store' or is the Walgreen's rep. lying through his teeth?

    Will PP work harder to make sure callers know about a sliding fee scale for critical care?

    This is the most liberal county in the state and a college town -- if it is really near-impossible to get critical care without a police report, McClain should be doing a lot more digging.  

    I emailed the reporter with a lot of these questions and will follow up if I get a response.

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