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  •  Target, you are off my Christmas shopping list (none)
    I use a locally owned pharmacy for my prescriptions.  Next time I fill one (a monthly joy for me), I intend to question them about their policy and will be prepared to ask for mine back if they tell me it is the decision of the pharmicist.

    I used to take BC because I get horrible PMS and it helped me.  I cannot imagine what my reaction would be if a pharmacy had refused to fill it.  I'd probably end up arrested because I fear my reaction would not be pleasant.

    If I had the money, I would call a doctor friend and ask her to write me a bunch of scripts for EC so I could go to a bunch of stores and see if they would fill them. Let them call the cops to arrest me when I act up if they won't fill them.

    Heck, we could all do that as a mass form of civil disobediance and now that I think about it, if they did agree to fill it, I could not purchase it all by saying I don't have enough money with me.

    Be careful pointing your finger in judgement of others because your other three will be pointing back at you.

    by tvb on Wed Oct 26, 2005 at 07:48:16 PM PDT

    •  I would totally be arrested (4.00)
      if someone refused to fill my prescription. I would scream and yell and pound my fist on the counters and make the biggest fucking scene in the world. I would call the news...I would call a lawyer...I would call the school where they got their degree...I would call whoever gives them a license to be a pharmacist...and I would do it all IN the store...until they took me out in handcuffs...then I'd call everyone again.

      Honestly, I think the only reason stuff like this doesn't happen to me is because people look at me and think "I'd better not fuck with her"...I suppose I've been lucky though...

      •  Bravo...! (none)
        Well said, I get raging mad every time I hear of a Pharmistist refusing to fill a prescription.

        Frankly I want to grab them by the throat and say "Well, it's against my belief that you should be allowed to breath oxygen on my planet."  It's a good thing that I haven't been in this situation.

        I sent an email to target, and will no longer be shopping at their stores.

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