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  •  Still a victory (4.00)
    and shut the store down for the day.

    How is that not still a victory? This is a great place to use peaceful civil disobedience as a form of protest. Stay in the store and demand your prescription be filled. Make them literally drag you out.

    I'd gladly take part, but I haven't heard of such incidents in the New York area.

    •  Shutting it down (none)
      doesn't hurt Target.

      Shutting down only hurts the low-wage store workers who unexpectedly lose their shift, with no ability to make the time up. If I were a single mother working an afternoon shift at Target in order to put food in the mouths of my chidren, I'd be really pissed.

      These forms of protest are regressive, because they don't actually impact the policymakers. Come up with a protest that doesn't affect the workers and I'll gladly support it.

      •  Of course it hurts target (none)
        They make money by selling things, when they shut down, they don't make money, but they still have to pay the rent.

        This will hit them in the wallet.

        Also, if the employees get pissed that they had to shut the store down, then maybe they will use the small amount of influence they have to help the cause...

        "That blood was already on the flag; we just made it visible." - Clare Grady

        by tamman2000 on Thu Oct 27, 2005 at 07:17:44 AM PDT

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        •  Normally I'd agree... (none)
          if Target was a Mom-and-Pop corner store.

          But when you have multiple hundreds of stores in all 50 states and seemingly half of the rest of the western world, closing one store briefly means nothing. It would barely register on the total receipts for the day.

          That being said, if you could organize a day where every Target in America had 20 potential buyers show up and play the waiting line game, well, then you've got something that would attract attention and -- perhaps -- act as a catalyst for change. But the action needs to be on a macrocosmic scale, as opposed to a single-store microcosmic action.

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