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View Diary: Target Says, "We Won't Serve You" (265 comments)

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  •  I would totally be arrested (4.00)
    if someone refused to fill my prescription. I would scream and yell and pound my fist on the counters and make the biggest fucking scene in the world. I would call the news...I would call a lawyer...I would call the school where they got their degree...I would call whoever gives them a license to be a pharmacist...and I would do it all IN the store...until they took me out in handcuffs...then I'd call everyone again.

    Honestly, I think the only reason stuff like this doesn't happen to me is because people look at me and think "I'd better not fuck with her"...I suppose I've been lucky though...

    •  Bravo...! (none)
      Well said, I get raging mad every time I hear of a Pharmistist refusing to fill a prescription.

      Frankly I want to grab them by the throat and say "Well, it's against my belief that you should be allowed to breath oxygen on my planet."  It's a good thing that I haven't been in this situation.

      I sent an email to target, and will no longer be shopping at their stores.

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