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  •  I'm a little curious about Carter (none)
    Thanks for posting this, Meteor Blades.  

    You mention that Carter withheld overt military aid to Guatemala.  Would Carter have been aware of the money that the CIA was funneling to the Guatemalan regime?  I was pretty young then, but I recall that Carter had made aid contingent to some extent on limiting or eliminating human rights abuses, and even went so far as to withdraw all support of the Somoza regime in neighboring Nicaragua, which had been as or more brutal than Guatemala.  Was Carter being duplicitous, or was he naive, or was he simply incapable of reining in the CIA?

    "We need an eruption of hope, of determination, of participation, something hot enough to melt our frozen politics." --Bill McKibben

    by Conventional Wisdom on Mon Feb 16, 2004 at 02:41:16 AM PST

    •  Well we know (none)
      We know he did sign the order authorizing the CIA to destablize the Afghan government in 1979, before the Soviet invasion.

      So Carter, maybe due to manipulative advice, maybe not, was willing to do covert government-toppling ops in the Third World.

      His background suggests to me that he just didn't have a good handle on the realities on the ground in these places. He probably overestimated the "goodness" of religious groups, certainly in Afghanistan.

      Still for Dean, after the scream.

      by M Aurelius on Mon Feb 16, 2004 at 02:55:06 AM PST

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      •  We we know (none)
        that Carrter, a former commander of a nuclear submarine -- what do you think these things are FOR, for God's sakes -- had no problems manipulating the Shah, planning an invasion of Iran to evacuate American Embassy CIA personnel, diddling in Afghanistan ( if Afghanistan tried to assassinate American political and military leaders and support governmental coups here, we and our allies might get cranky) and backing a dreary and unseemingly long list of brutal dictators.

        He thought he was prepared to handle it. He dug covert stuff.

        Not bad for a Nobel Prize winner.

        Remember the time Carter tried to overthrow Pinochet?

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