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    to expand on my previous post, here's an example of just how surreal Guatemala was in the 1980s.  I taught beekeeping as a Peace Corps volunteer in the central highlands area of Guatemala from 87-89, and would travel a lot of back roads by motorcycle.  I would frequently encounter army patrols and roadblocks, and much less frequently would encounter URNG guerilla patrols.  In both cases they would be groups of armed Mayan indians in fatigues.  The sure way to immediately distinguish between the guerillas and the army at a glance?  Look at their weapons.  They army always carried Israeli Galil assault rifles with their unmistakable folding metal stocks.  The guerillas I saw carried American M16 assualt rifles which they reportedly bought off Reagan's Nicaraguan Contras operating across the border in Honduras.

    That was Guatemala in a nutshell.  Guns everywhere, and everywhere you looked, some link back to the US.

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