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  •  I didn't even know... (4.00)
    ...such a thing existed.

    I'm sure there are many like me, who have always wished that there was something I could do to address the issue of global poverty, but who thought that the issue could only really be addressed on a macro level by governments and worldwide organizations.

    I've also been generally distrustful of organizations that put infomercials on TV asking for 79 cents a day to feed a child in need. I don't know that the money is realy going where they say it will, and it does little to address the underlying problems that caused that child to live in desperate poverty in the first place.

    Kiva presents ordinary people with an opportunity to actually make an impact on improving the root causes of third-world poverty.

    I can't thank you enough for posting this diary. I can't wait to make my first microloan.

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