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View Diary: Microcredit: be a Venture Capitalist. (185 comments)

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    What a brilliant idea!
    I am inspired, thank you!

    Here are some more links I found:

    At Grameen Foundation USA, we give the poor the tools they need to lift themselves out of poverty, providing opportunity through microfinance -- tiny loans and financial services that help "micro-entrepreneurs" reap the rewards of their own labor.
    The Power of Your Gift . . .

    $15 helps a woman in Rwanda start her own savings account. These funds will help a woman start her own business, or will provide collateral for her to receive a microcredit loan, following her participation in the program.

    Women for Women International's Sponsorship Program in a direct, personal and hands-on way for you to help women survivors of war, conflict and civil strife. As a sponsor you will be matched with a woman in great need.

    The Social Value of $100,000

    The average microcredit loan is $100. The average payback period is six months and, once repaid, the $100 is available to be loaned again and again and again. Because of this multiplier effect, the social value of money invested in microcredit work is remarkable. For instance, when Unitus provides $100,000 in capital to an MFI partner, it creates 2,000 new loans each and every year. In just the first five years, the initial $100,000 is leveraged into $1,000,000 worth of loans, changing 10,000 lives directly. Indirectly, 50,000 lives have been changed considering the positively impacted family members. The donor-investor has received a 10:1 social return on the investment. And this social return does not end after five years - it keeps working in perpetuity.

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