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View Diary: What The Media Said About A Miers Withdrawal: Bush Weakness (339 comments)

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  •  We're celebrating because he lost (none)
    This puts Bush in a no-win situation. Armando correctly quotes Republicans saying that capitulation makes el presidente look weak. Now, Bush has the choice of appointing an extremist and remaining a significantly weakened leader who at least still has a constituency, or appointing a moderate and losing the support of the base (but at least maintaining some aura of leadership). Either way, the Bush administration needs a miracle to accomplish anything in it's last 3 years.
    •  GW has a Republican House and Senate (none)
      so I'm not sure why you equate appointing a moderate with maintaining an aura of leadership.  Especially when Miers was being sold based on conservative bona fides that turned out to be so weak he had to pull her.

      Fitzmas may stop him dead in his tracks.

      But, Miers won't hurt him.  If he appoints someone the conservatives in the House and Senate rally around, he actually regains all the lost momemtum from Miers.  This "do over" gives him a chance to energize his support to a much greater degree than he did with Roberts (a stealth nominee).  We'll see if he squanders the opportunity or not.

      •  Leadership or Independence (none)
        Appointing a moderate shows that he is still the person making the ultimate decisions for the party. Appointing an extremist is the same as following other people's orders.
        •  I don't get it. (none)
          He appointed Miers thinking she was an extremist.

          The right attacked her because she was a crony,  not on the correct short list of extremists, and not really what she was portrayed to be.

          GW never portrayed Miers as a moderate.  I think you're missing what really happened here.  Miers turned out to be too liberal, she wasn't intended to be too liberal.

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