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View Diary: What The Media Said About A Miers Withdrawal: Bush Weakness (339 comments)

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    He can't rely on just the fundies. The odds that he'll come before the Senate himself in the not too distant future simply cannot be dismissed. The fundies dominate republican primaries, but they're only about 10% of the voters. If he comes before the senate on a real charge, with at 10% approval rate, even with the deep seated love of the fundies, the Republican party as we know it is over. This would of course be a good thing IMHO.

    He has to try to get some moderate support, or the repubs are going to be killed in 06, and he could even go to jail. At this point, he almost needs to flip the bird to the fundies and move to the center. The fundies won't vote Dem, so he can afford to piss them off, he cannot afford to stop the "dogwhistle" politics and kiss up to the most radical of the fundies, as that would alienate everyone else. Most of the population (even the republicans I know, except the fundies) doesn't like him much. They are just waiting for an excuse to call for his head on a stick, he cannot give it to them.

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