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  •  Your opinion is not reality based. (none)
    That 1993 speech killed her. You see it in the timing of the withdrawal, the fact she was still working on updating her questionairre until the revelation of the 1993 speech, the furor the 1993 speech caused in the religious right, Dobson's "good riddance" citing the 1993 speech, and a myriad of other evidence.

    This was never about qualifications.  The questionairre was just a talking point, easily overlooked if they liked how she would vote.  S.Ct. nominees don't get nixed because they need an extension of time to fill out a form.

    •  Supreme Court nominees (none)
      do get nixed when they try to brush off Senators as happened last week. What facts are you talking about? This is a fact that Dobson et al were supporting Miers. And a fact that it is too early for that speech to have any affect. You may have had a point if that speech had caused a media shit-storm. It simply did not.

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