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View Diary: Let's do something good for Tim Kaine (114 comments)

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  •  Again, please recommend... (4.00)
    Progressive Virginians need you.
    •  I gave $50 (4.00)
      some turkee to ease the blog burn.

      I love Steve's blog but he really was counter productive yesterday.

    •  Thanks... (none)
      I volunteered the week before the election last year and plan to do so this year.  I have to because I'll be out of town the weekend of the 5th.  

      I hope you have plenty of bi-lingual lit for South Arlington and Alexandria  There's a huge latino population there and they are rabidly Democrat.  The front office hadn't planned to deliver lit the weekend before election day, but we were organized by a guy who was from Chicago originally who didn't understand why the precinct wasn't being covered.  Luckily, a few of us understood and spoke some Spanish and were happy to translate and answer any questions.

      Folks were a little stand-offish at first, but when they found out who we were, people came out to talk to us, leaned out their windows to cheer... it was amazing.

      Don't forget these folks when you're canvassing Northern Virginia!

    •  A shout out (none)
      and thanks to all the Virginia Democrats who kept things sane.

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