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  •  no offense... (none)
    But local candidates are rarely a good use of money unless they are in really tight races AND have unusually good campaigns (not something most people can tell easily from the outside).  If you do give money, give it to whoever is running the real GOTV programs.  It's a way way way better use of money to get more sporadic Dems out to vote than to have a few more signs up for a down-ticket candidate that most voters won't know or care about... aside from the D next to their name.  
    •  I've been volunteering for a down-ballot (none)
      and they're (Marsden for Delegate) are doing the bulk of the GOTV for the whole ticket.  Kaine camapign is doing phone calls, we're canvassing and we've built the precinct teams in every precinct.
    •  GOTV World (none)
      The Marsden campaign is GOTV world and is doing all the field work in the district for the coordinated campaign.

      It is being run by former field directors from Dean and Kerry who really know what they are doing and the field program is intense and amazing.

      Yesterday alone there were well over 1000 voter contact attempts done by this campaign.

      National figures are watching the way this race is being orchestrated - this week alone we have heard from a Vice Chair of the DNC, Partner of a major Dem consulting firm and on Saturday from Senator John Kerry among many others.  There are tons of eyes this race and it is tight.  

    •  May vary (none)
      But in my experience it can work either way. Some places it's the local folk (candidates and Dem clubs) that deliver the votes. Also, statewide candidates focus on particular regions and often overlook areas that look doubtful. An unexpected showing in a "red" area can help boost a statewide candidate to victory. That kind of unexpected turnout rarely comes from statewide efforts but more from a local candidate whose campaign hustles. So the chance of success of the local candidate may not be such an issue. We need ALL Dems to vote in ALL Distircts. Local candidates can be a big inspiration.

      But if in doubt, donate to Kaine.

      •  sure (none)
        But by and large, GOTV is a coordinated effort, not a one-man army.  And dollars to the umbrella are ultimately going to end up allocated to where the most votes can be pulled out for the money: the biggest bang for the buck.  
        •  The model their using (none)
          If I'm getting this right, is that the coordinated has done all the initial phases of canvassing, getting the names down, setting up precints, etc. However, the GOTV is being turned over to the local in districts with close elections and in areas with uncontested seats the coordinated is taking over.....I think, anyway.
          •  In the 41st (none)
            That is not the case.  But I can't speak for elsewhere in the state.

            The bottom line is - the work is getting done and both candidates at the top of the ticket and the candidates that are fighting below deserve your support.

            I hope the Kos community will agree.

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