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  •  I don't (none)
    "The Marsden campaign is GOTV world and is doing all the field work in the district for the coordinated campaign."

    Right: but the field program is still being run by the coordinated, right?

    •  No (none)
      It is run by a Field Director, GOTV Director and 4 organizers who are working for Marsden.
    •  Just a note... (none)
      I am posting on the race because I am working on it because some of the people who ran Hackett's race in the last few days asked me to join them here.

      I assure you it is a tight race that is worthy of any Dems time or money.  It may be small, but it is a powerhouse.  They (we) have their stuff together.  They have a great candidate and they have an excellent chance of turning the district and turning up the margin of victory in Fairfax.

      •  Hasn't Marsden (none)
        knocked on 11,000 doors himself or some absurdly large number like that... sounds like they are doing the work themselves....

        i am not affilliated with the campiagns but am watching all htese races closely and these locals are doing the groundwork themselves...

        "All Politics is Local" -Tip O'Neill

        by NoVANine on Fri Oct 28, 2005 at 10:01:57 AM PDT

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