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View Diary: CBS: Bush Radioactive, CA & VA govs say no (42 comments)

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  •  Negative approval ratings (none)
    If we could somehow poll the ghosts of all African Americans from days gone by, that might count as a <0% approval. We might even switch into modal space and determine his approval in all possible worlds, which presumably is disastrous all the way through.
    •  That's the problem with using approval ratings (none)
      It's one thing to disapprove of someone's performance. It's another thing to disapprove so strongly that you think the someone in question has performed worse than anyone else in history who has ever held the same position. Approval ratings typically don't measure the intensity of respondents' opinions.

      Thwarting the forces of conservatism since 1978.

      by wiscmass on Sat Oct 29, 2005 at 06:57:32 PM PDT

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      •  New approach on intensity (none)
        If in Mr. Bush's presence would you demonstrate your disapproval with

        a. Stern words
        b. A slap with a chenille glove
        c. A squirt from a seltzer bottle
        d. A right jab to the solar plexus
        e. A Louisville slugger applied to the knee
        f. A rusty chainsaw applied repeatedly

        Quis custodiet ipsos custodet? (Who will watch the watchers?)

        by The Crusty Bunker on Sun Oct 30, 2005 at 04:57:07 AM PST

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        •  That would work... (none)
          ...though I think under BushCo, you get a visit from the Secret Service for even thinking about expressing anything as severe as option (a), let alone anything more severe.

          Thwarting the forces of conservatism since 1978.

          by wiscmass on Sun Oct 30, 2005 at 07:21:18 AM PST

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