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  •  the funny thing is (4.00)
    the yellowcake stuff was always bullshit.

    There was tons of the stuff in Iraq, it was inventoried and monitored, after the first Iraq war.

    It was still there when the neocons rolled in with shock and awe.

    It's still there today.

    It was one of the things the UN inspectors kept an eye on. Bush 41 was so concerned about it that he made the decision to leave the stuff there, just seal it and check it.

    Sadam never had a way to refine it into weapons grade uranium.

    Sadam could have had a million tons of the stuff, and not been one inch closer to building the bomb.

    The first lie was that having yellowcake meant a bomb was coming.

    "Just watch me"... Pierre Elliot Trudeau

    by PeteyPuck on Sun Oct 30, 2005 at 01:11:03 AM PST

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