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View Diary: Frank Rich: Closing On The Big Enchilada (165 comments)

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  •  You Bet ! (none)
    "30-50 years in jail, over 1 million in fines, and who knows how much in legal fees"

    30-50 and or death for treason .
    1 mill , plus what J&V Wilson get from the civil suit , could be more than all libby could make or be given .
    The legal fees are the least of his worries , his buddies will comp him .

    "I'll bet Mrs. Scooter is giving her husband a wee bit"
    I don't know what she thinks , could be F.O.A.D
    she just might like to have the house to herself .

    "there are many other people involved who know things"
    They might be thinking that clamming up could get them hurt and spilling might get them hurt .
    What is better , stay with the sinking boat or jump overboard and swim for it ?

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