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View Diary: Bill Clinton tells Dems to Fight or "Find Something Else To Do" (428 comments)

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  •  The future right now looks dim (4.00)
    on that point as well.   Benefits going out the window; retirement packages being thrown out like trash.  Hard-working people are being abandoned.

    While the "other party" is serving up huge portions of war and "moral values", the American people have issues of food, health, and family on their plates.  Quite frankly, I admit an almost complete lack of understanding of their agenda .... and those I do understand, I disagree with.

    The Democratic Party agenda needs to be clear and concise, honed and droned!  

    And that agenda IS NOT getting rid of Bush, IMO.  

    An agenda has to be positive - we are going to do 1, 2, 3, 4.  The "other party" will constantly try to bring us back to Monica, and anything else to gain control of the discussion and keep us from discussing OUR agenda.  

    Look how well they controlled Kerry, keeping the agenda on something that Kerry did or didn't do 30+ years ago!  Their "cartoon character" of Kerry sailing made their side laugh with glee and took us off game.  Frankly, Kerry could have and should have stood up to the swift boaters, called their hand on the blatant false advertising, threatened suit if it was possible, fought like hell.  Instead, he made stupid statements, vis a vis, Cheney's lesbian daughter.  Kerry was so obviously smarter and clearer than Bush in the debates it was almost pathetic to watch.  And he lost, barely, by the hair of his chin in a black box vote.  There's another issue to hone and drone!

    When you decide to fight with people who are willing to play dirty, you better get ready to take the punches, like Clinton said, and to get dirty and by that I do not mean play dirty.  Your mamma taught you better than that!  It just means that you're not going to come out of the fight without cuts and bruises and blood and grime.  

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