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View Diary: Bill Clinton tells Dems to Fight or "Find Something Else To Do" (428 comments)

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  •  How far to the left (4.00)
    like, the Maoists? What was the point there anyway, you're more "left" than these peeps? I don't know what you're trying to say here.

    Sure, you're going to run into Clinton hatred on the far far left, because he didn't act accordingly to their phantasmagoric futur-0-vision of how society will run. As far as that shit goes, include me OUT. I spent quite a while with the anarchists- who, properly speaking, are neither on the left nor the right- and I can tell you from experience that usually when people were talking crap about the Clintons they were harping on his neoliberalism. Which is valid, I guess, but you have to be pragmatic, also. And pragmatism says that while Clinton wasn't perfect, he did some good things while in office- and he looks like freakin' Thomas Jefferson handing out winning lottery tickets compared to our current president.

    They try to hide the poverty, but the poverty can't be hidden

    by spelunking defenestrator on Sun Oct 30, 2005 at 09:29:30 AM PST

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