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View Diary: Bill Clinton tells Dems to Fight or "Find Something Else To Do" (428 comments)

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  •  Baloney! Hillary is doing a great job as (4.00)
    Senator for New York.  She is intelligent, articulate, and politically savvy and has been her whole life. Besides being a great Senator for New York, her job, what is it you want from her?

    Bill Clinton, as President, was able to improve the fiscal situation in this country so that the average income increased for all Americans but especially for the poorest and the middle class.  Perhaps it was too soon and politically naive to propose a national healthcare plan so early in his administration; however, it was the right thing to do for this country.  It failed not because it was not a workable plan but because the insurance companies spent $billions to scare people.

    If anybody thinks that is Republican light, I invite you to read the Republican platform if you can locate a copy.  Bill and Hillary are excellent examples of what the Democratic Party at its best can and should be.

    •  wondeful war (3.50)
      If Hillary's continued support of this horrible,unconstitutional, and needless war represents the best the Democrats can be, than I continue to be glad I am not a Democrat.
    •  why don't you troll rate people who (none)
      disagree with you?

      what if someone thinks that Clinton's non policies (what did he do for us serfs that is going to last 70 years like social security?), that Clinton's toadies like McAulliffe and Carville, that Clinton's tepid record and I wannbe rich synchophnats have enabled the wingnuts to win even more?

      so we think each other is really wrong about how the Dems got where we are, and how the Dems are going to get out of this mess.  

      that is fine - at some point in 2006 and 2008 we'll have the ascendancy, AGAIN, UNFORTUNEATELY, of the clinton toadies who foiseted Gore's and Kerry's clompletely crappy campaigns on us serfs all the while burning through billions of dollars to lose

      OR, maybe the torch will be passed to a new generation, burned by "lets not scare the middle or we'll lose" policies, who want to fight, NOT have tea parties, and who want NEW people to fight, not retreads from the 80's and 90's trying to keep their positions of affluence and influence.


      Grassroots Organizing Should Be for The Community, By The Community - NOT for "Leaders"

      by rmdSeaBos on Sun Oct 30, 2005 at 11:36:38 AM PST

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