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View Diary: Bill Clinton tells Dems to Fight or "Find Something Else To Do" (428 comments)

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  •  there you go again (none)
    Speaking of how the media turns three-dimensional people into two-dimensional figures: your characterization of Howard Dean bears an uncanny resemblance to the media's caricature, and shows the same lack of depth.  I find it quite curious how every progressive Democrat who shows promise as a candidate is eventually ambushed by simple-minded slander.  There's enough of this on television -- MUST you propogate the lies of Big Media here as well?  

    As for Dean, it appears that you've never really listened to him.  I've been doing so for nearly 15 years, and I find him to be an articulate and effective speaker, an agile politician, and a public servant of rare and remarkable integrity.  His occasional verbal fluffs (which I conceed he makes) don't bother me in the least -- because they occur in the context of a 20-year career of service filled with wise, pragmatic, and compassionate words and deeds. Harry Truman had plenty of verbal gaffes that were FAR worse, and he suffered worse political embarrassments -- but for the same reasons, they don't diminish Truman's stature or his accomplishments.  

    We have so few Democrats who FIGHT, who have GOVERNED, and who are a credit to the Party and its ideals.  I can't fathom what you might think there is to be gained by trivializing the career and talents of one of the best that we've got.  

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