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View Diary: Bill Clinton tells Dems to Fight or "Find Something Else To Do" (428 comments)

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  •  I worked my butt off for Clark (none)
    - not to mention trying to fundraise through house parties at a time when many were supporting the centrist Dean, who inexplicably compared himself to Paul Wellstone - and I saw the media tear the general to bits. CNN was the worst, since we expect Fox to lie and cherry-pick and are not surprised when they do. It was heart-wrenching, having memorized his well-thought-out position statements and knowing just how much brainpower and drive the guy has. He's also a social liberal with a MA in economics (no unfunded bright ideas or trickle-down bull, he seemed more in the JKGalbraith vein) and, of course, those four stars, so disrespectfully spat upon by Norman Schwarzkopf, whom I refer to as Dumbkopf instead. What a pompous oaf that man is - wonder if he was even aware of the 19 generals Rummy fired before invading Iraq. Norm seems to spend more time in a mirror than seriously evaluating the current state of his supposedly-beloved military.... Clark may still have a future for a 2008 run, and running with Hillary would be a match of familiarity and much shared ground - America is finally ready for universal health care which always was Hillary's main issue and rightly so. I just won't deal with the primaries this time. Front-loading was a disaster at a time when we had to defeat an incumbent; the media chose Kerry.

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