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  •  The Attitude (none)
    of this administration toward organizing national networks to deal with pandemics is exactly parallel to their FEMA organizing.  Bush and his collegues seem to be unable to focus on problems  until they errupt. I would use the word, haphazard, to describe efforts to date, and haphazard efforts lead directly to ruinous disorganization when disaster strikes.  

    Do you happen to know if there is still some kind of national organization of public health nurses or has the group been disbanded.  I noted that some sites relist public health nurses as public school nurses.  They are related but not the same thing.  

    •  Indeed (none) seems that this administration is bumping around in the dark, and, when the spotlight of the need for performance illuminates them, they manifest the deer-in-the-headlights effect.  Always dangerous to trust one's "gut" in the absence of respect for and acquisition of data.  I have never seen a more anti-science bunch.  Doomed to failure.  

      I don't know much about the public health nurse association and what plans they have for A(H5N1), but I did find this website that indicates that they are still active:
      There are also apparently state chapters.

      I'll look into them -- I suspect they are the sorts of heroic people we'll need in abundance.  Sadly, nurses are in short supply in the US; if it weren't for immigration, it would be dire.  We're going to need every single willing healthcare worker, and even some barefoots.  But we're going to need to protect their lives so they can serve.  

      "The survival value of intelligence is that it allows us to extinct a bad idea, before the idea extincts us." -- Karl Popper

      by eyeswideopen on Sun Oct 30, 2005 at 06:38:35 PM PST

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