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View Diary: Obama got off his ass. Will you? (65 comments)

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  •  I was there too (4.00)
    and it was great!  I stabbed some signs yesterday, and I agree...every little bit one can do helps the whole country.  Many, many people from other states are watching this election, and it is an important one to watch.
    •  it so damn close! (4.00)
      Yeah it's been fun watching the polls shift over to Kaine. Two months ago he was about 10 points under, then 8 points, then 5 points, then 2 points. Suddenly he's ahead! 1 point ahead, 2 points, 3 points.

      This is like a really sloooooow game of football.  ha!

      I just hope it's enough. If we can get people to the polls we can win this election.

      •  a kick in the balls (4.00)
        I forgot to mention. Winning this election is like kicking George W. Bush and every Republican in the balls.


      •  I have a question (none)
        Can someone help me out?

        I see the election is Nov. 8.  I'm in the middle of moving back to DC & will be there starting tomorrow.  So, I'd like to help as much as I can.  

        What should I do?  I can hop on the metro or a bus after work and go to an HQ if there's one accessible that way where help is needed.  I have a car but it'd take forever to get out of the city driving during rush hour.  (But, I'd be more than happy to drive around doing canvassing over the weekend.)

        •  Help in Fairfax! (4.00)
          Daria - I have been helping out Dave Marsden in Fairfax Co. - we're working to get him elected to the House of Delegates, but we're also doing all the turnout for the Dem ticket in our area (we're being smart - not having two teams of Dems following each other around on E-Day).  Join us - e-mail marsdengotv at to sign up.  The office is 10 minutes from the nearest Metro and someone could pick you up.

          There is also a coordinated campaign office in McLean - don't know about the Metro accessibility.

        •  Sign up here (none)

          They'll call you the next day and get you involved.

    •  Obama gave an excellent speech (none)
      as did Bobby Scott.  I am proud that Bobby is my Representative.

      But the real highlight was seeing the enthusiasm of Tim Kaine.  The momentum in this race has moved in his favor, and we need to do EVERYTHING we can to help him finish it off.

      Tim asked everyone in the room to spend just ONE hour doing something to help the campaign - making phone calls, writing emails, walking door to door.  If Kossacks can spend an hour contacting everyone they know in Virginia and urging them to vote for Kaine, it would make a small difference.  But in a tight race like this one, a small difference is all that is needed.

    •  ok, Texas KOS is in (none)
      i'll post on our site & ask for volunteers.  I would suggest that Southern blogs give this a try.  We may have a cultural link with these people that may help.  

      Of course, if we start tawking about who's got the best ice tea, there may be a fight.

      Cuz, we all know Texas does.

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