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  •  Romney only has that power... (none)
    if the Massachusetts state legislature decides to let him keep it.

    Under the 17th Amendment, the governor only has the power to make temporary appointments to the Senate if the legislature so empowers him, and then only until the seat is filled by special election "as the legislature may direct."  In Arizona the governor has no such power, and in Alaska they're threatening to take it away in retalliation for the Lisa Murkowski appointment.

    The Massachusetts state legislature is controlled by veto-proof Democratic majorities in both houses (though admittedly House Speaker Finneran is not famous for playing well with others).  It might seem irresponsible for them to take away Romney's appointment power entirely, but they could just pass a law saying that if a Senator announces his resignation 60 days in advance of its becoming effective (and thus there's no urgency to designate a replacement quickly), his seat will be filled not by appointment but by special election.  Then Kerry wins on November 3rd, submits by November 10 his resignation effective on January 10, and his replacement is elected before Kerry takes office on January 20.

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