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View Diary: KY6: Chandler widens lead (69 comments)

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  •  Go Chandler! (none)
    I think it's a great day for Democrats and for the power of the internet when (if) Chandler wins this seat.  It's also a great day for me since up until now, my political dollars seemed to be going into a black hole.  I do agree with others in this thread that I'm going to be a bit more discerning going into regular elections this Fall.  I don't have unlimited funds, and I will be looking for the following:
    1. someone who has liberal values
    2. a seat that looks winnable
    3. a seat currently being held by Damien (from the Omen) all grown up.
    In other words, at least some of my money is going to that guy challenging Delay; I don't even have to read his bio.

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