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  •  Wired and safe (none)
    There are plenty of people living in totally safe Democratic districts who are both wired and well enough off to contribute to multiple candidates if they were given a convenient and responsive site to do it.  Think Seattle (McDermott runs 80% some years) or SF or West LA or Manhattan.  In lots of those seats the incumbent is in leadership (think Pelosi of SF) and would welcome donations to house raises around the country.
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      You definitely make a good point that blogs know make is easier for folks to get to know and make it easy to donate to candidates around the country.  Still, if you read Mr.Liberal's threads, the comments are from those interested in their State's races.  I think this would also hold true for donations.  BUt, I am interested in the GA-12 primary race because I was once a resident of Athens and I it would be fun to send a progressive a seemingly solid progressive (Haines) to Congress out of that district.  He will likely get some scratch from me.  

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      by jg on Tue Feb 17, 2004 at 12:20:48 PM PST

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