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  •  How do they make it hard? (none)
    Seems to me the most they could do is bash him for missing votes.

    Dole was different, he was Majority Leader, and any one senator can make any Majority Leader's life hell.  I understand why he had to step down as leader, but quitting his Senate seat was just stupid.  Kerry won't make that mistake (I hope).

    •  Making it hard (none)
      I guess they will push bills on important issues, like vets, health care, child care, defense, environment, knowing he won't be there, and then rip him for not being there.

      I think Dole made the right decision giving up his seat, leaving with some dignity intact, although I can see why Kerry may be more reluctant. But I hope he considers it.

      •  With what content? (none)
        "vets, health care, child care, (defense), environment".

        On four out of your five issues Republicans are in favor of gutting all programs/regulations in those areas.  This is supposed to be a winning strategy in an election year?  What a way to appeal to swing voters.

        If they propose something pro-vet, health care etc enough Dems will jump on board that Kerry's presense won't make a difference, if they propose something anti-vet and it does pass then how can they attack Kerry for not being present to vote against something they put forward, if it doesn't pass ditto.

        I return to my original question.

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