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    Daschle does suck. But a Dem seat in a Red state is too important to give up, especially now. Dump him as minority (or majority) leader, sure. But he is better than the Republicans most midwestern states send, and better than many of the Dems.

    He's not nearly as bad as Ben Nelson from my homestate of Nebraska. He's voted with the republicans on nearly everything, from tax cuts to energy bills. But even he shouldnt be targeted for elimination.

    Its all about who's in power. Dems in red states are scared now (and have been for at least 4 years, maybe since 94) because the Republicans have largely controlled the debate in this country. Conservative dems (or those from conservative states) have a lot to lose by bucking the majority, especially when their home state strongly agrees with the majority. They are representing the people of their state, after all. That's how Democracy works.

    But if (when) Dems are back in power, especially if we control some or all of congress and the presidency, there will be a lot more of our agenda being publicized. It wil, if done properly, have a lot of support in red states as well as blue (money for education, health care, social security, etc.). At that point, with a Dem president setting the agenda, we can expect a lot more loyalty out of these guys. But to ask them to openly go against a president who has (even now) 60%-70% approval ratings in their home states is asking a little much.

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