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  •  Chris Matthews is fucking asshole (4.00)
    If you watched his interview with Dean just moments ago, you know what I'm talking about.  The whole time I was sitting there imagining a bucket full of urine getting dumped on that dipshit's Tweety bird head of his.
    •  Tweety says IOKIYAR (none)
      Like I said previously, Chris MAtthews normally gushes erotically when a republican plays Hardball and attacks their opponent.

      However, when a Democratic rep does the same thing, Tweety's reaction is limp and unengorged, as if someone poured cold ice water in his lap or something.

      Watch and see.  It happens again and again.
      Tweety thinks strong politics is OK if you are a Republican.

      --Liberate your radio--

      by Sam Loomis on Mon Oct 31, 2005 at 02:59:22 PM PST

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    •  Me Too. I'm Furious (none)
      I watched Matthews' pathetic performance and just started screaming at the TV.  He basically said that the Democrats have no position because Howard Dean refused to say that Democrats are "pro choice."  Dean, appropriately in my opinion, refused to validate a meme that is empty and meaningless (pro-choice).  I guess Matthews has trouble getting his small little brain around something that differs from press propaganda.

      I hate this guy.  How does he keep his job?  He's no journalist.  He never does any background work and comes to the show every day totally unprepared.  And when he doesn't hear the stupid emptiness that the press loves to perpetuate, he attacks.

      Fuck him.  I will not watch his show again.  And I'm writing him and MSNBC -- once again -- to complain.

    •  It was pretty savage (none)
      But now Abrams has Ann Coulter on.  Jeez, why do they let this vitriole on the air.
    •  This Country Needs Media Reform (none)

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