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  •  The mainstream media is brain-dead (none)
    and I fear the patient won't recover.

    I just saw Matthews and David Gregory discussing the indictment, and they are still trotting out the same old, well debunked, canards about Wilson claiming Cheney sent him to Niger.

    How often do these idiots do any research. Why must they insist on treating all rethug talking points as facts?

    They disgust me and make it all too clear that one cannot truly know what is happening without logging on and seeking original sources.

    This is what I fear most. The progressive way of looking at current affairs relies on compassion and care for the well being of our nation and by extension, humanity, marked by an assumption that most people will see their self-interest is best served by "our" views.

    Unfortunately, truth is irrelevant to the mainstream media. The desire for ratings and access to power trumps any consideration of truth.
    As the vast majority do not take the time, or have the ability, to seek alternative sources of information on the Internet, the progressives are fighting an uphill battle...up a very steep slope.

    Any plan for taking back the White House, House, and Senate, must deal with the fact that truth is more complex than most people want to deal with.

    The right has been so successful because their ideas require no thought and can easily be packaged into simple bits of information.

    What can we do to more effectively pare down the complexities of the sound, compassionate ideas that really are in most people's interest?

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