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  •  Conservative Blogging Is Dead (none)
    I spent a lot of time on discussion boards and blogs prior to the 2004 election. I had the sense then that republican bloggers were on a fairly even footing with democrats and otherwise-identifying progressives. I suppose the number may always have been on our side, but the other side at least put on a good show. This has dropped off considerably as many have noted.

    Every visit to FreeRepublic is like stepping on a grave. An unquiet, smelly grave to be sure, but not one likely to be of much more concern. But what really concluded my investigation was a visit to to check on this exact premise. What should greet me but the top frontpaged article proclaiming "Reports of RedState's Death, Have Been Greatly Exaggerated."

    Just like republicans. Deny, deny, deny. Even when dead. Don't these guys make you feel like Bruce Campbell?

    Now the obvious problem with their "We're Not Dead" contention is that their "proof" is a sitemeter chart showing rising readership. It's not enough to note that their latest site-view number is one 13th as much as DailyKos. A 13th of DailyKos would be healthy for any blog.

    It is not enough to note either that some of that traffic is sure to originate at this site, which references them fairly frequently. Or that their site experienced a slow growth after November, and a downturn in August and September, while this site has been steadily rising.

    But the real proof?
    Because the discussion under the "Red State Isn't Dead" article is well populated by avowed lurkers, even an admitted Kossack, who isn't getting his head bitten often in the least.

    Now, if I'd ever once in a full two years 2003-2004 of interacting with conservatives online, found a conservative-dominated site that wasn't out for blood, I'd be inclined to view that as magnanimous strength. However, among wingnuts, lassitude is the only explanation for diminished turpitude.

    Which is not to say anything against them as individuals, but against the grip that the conservative death cult has on them collectively.

    (Note, I'm not going to overburden their servers with links.)

    9/11 + 4 Years = Katrina... Conservatism Kills.

    by NewDirection on Mon Oct 31, 2005 at 03:32:36 PM PST

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