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  •  Anxiety (none)
    The anxiety of not having a job lined up for the summer is really bothering me.  I had several interviews with large, reputable firms across the country, alongside several smaller firms, but to no avail.  My roommate's job offer may have been the straw that broke my back, especially since he and several others have been such dicks througout this entire hiring process.

    BTW, how is the Montana Bar? I wonder if Governor Schweitzer could use a Middle Easterner on his legal staff circa 2007.. That way, I could follow him to DC when he runs and wins the big prize in 2012 or 16.  :)

    •  Not too bad (none)
      Montana bar not too bad.  My advice on jobs, is not to worry about it.  "Large reputable" firms typically represent Large, asshole corporations.  Its not about the money.  Work for a non-profit, or donate your time at the V.A. or your local PIRG.

      my advice.  Take it for what its worth, which ain't much.  Then get a job clerking for district court judge after law school (state or federal).  Watch lawyers do what lawyers do, post-game it with the judge.  Read motions.  Write orders.  That is the practice of law.  I learned more in 1 year as a clerk than three years in law school.  But don't go to the appellate level, that is just straight boring.  

      Montana - A great State, and a great state of mind.

      by bigsky92 on Mon Oct 31, 2005 at 04:06:48 PM PST

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