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  •  Question on Treason and Cospiracy. (none)
    I have a question that no one seems to hav considered.

    Fitz has comms logs for just about everything for the last few years.  So he knows what conversations have occurred.

    People have been talking about a pardon for Libby and seem to think it likely.  I don't think it is because once pardoned, if the investigation is still continuing then Libby has to talk or face new contempt charges.  The 5th no longer applies - no jeopardy.

    But there may be an even more important reason why Bush can't pardon Libby.  Won't that come very close to confirming conspiracy charges?  It does demend on those logs of course but if an association is already established (I don't know this but Fitz does) then it is impossible for Bush to pardon without confirming the conspiracy charges.

    I'd really like a lawyer's comment even if to tell me it is bulldust.

    Truckle the Uncivil, Nullus Anxietas Sanguinae

    by Truckle on Mon Oct 31, 2005 at 06:29:58 PM PST

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