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  •  I have a Catholic friend (none)
    with a pretty extreme personality.  Although her religion and especially her parish were non-pushy, she felt so terribly saddened by the fact that everyone she cared about was going to hell that she couldn't help proseltyzing.  So sometimes it's more than the religion's mandate to witness witness witness.  Sometimes it's a deeply felt danger.
    •  This is what they should be doing. (none)
      I have always said that Christians who are not spending their time and energy trying to get everyone into heaven, are either cold and selfish, or they don't really believe what they say they believe.

      I know it is annoying to the rest of us, but if they really believe that billions are going to spend eternity in hell, they damn well better be spreading the gospel.

      AND they better stop trying to legislate Jesus because no sould was saved by passing laws against sin.

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