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  •  My Response to Guy-Centric Believers ... (4.00)
    I believe in the unalienable rights of Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness (as long as it harms nothing other than the warped innards of control freak minds). I've never adopted the feminist mantra, because I strive for balance between the rights of males and females, and I don't see balance in radical feminists (I remember being at college the night of the military draft's first "birthday lottery", and thinking "Why are only men obligated to serve their country? ... Women owe JUST AS MUCH back to this nation, even if through volunteer service rather than military service").

    Maybe it's because I grew up with several brothers and uncles who never treated me any different because I was a girl. It was real strange my freshman year at college to be asked repeatedly why I was pursuing an engineering degree (like my brother, father, and uncles before me, I might add).

    Hopefully, this Republican attempt to reward their base will backfire as woman realize that we've reached a turning point--where sticking with the Republican party line will take them back to a time which was much uglier than it's portrayed. I do have a litmus test for candidates to the SCOTUS: It's "What WAS your position on the Equal Rights Admendment and what is it now?" (They can't really claim it as a potential issue before the SCOTUS, now can they?)

    You've got friends and supporters here ... just keep that in mind. And if you want to learn something else about me, just Google my nom de plume.

    My thoughts on Dems vs Repubs? Democrats treat the general public like shareholders, while Republicans treat them like sharecroppers--Me

    by Robert de Loxley on Mon Oct 31, 2005 at 07:36:04 PM PST

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    •  So much of how women perceive themselves (none)
      goes back to family.  In my family, girls and boys had different objectives.  

      My father, who was the smartest man I ever knew, unfortunately lived within those confines.  Yet this man, my hero, learned to understand, and most importantly, accept me for who and what I was.

      I regret nothing.  And I'm smiling.  

      •  Good job tonight, (none)
        take a deep breath. Freaking scarey shraring this kind of thing but look at the way people have shared in return.

        My father was the wisest man I have ever known but I taught him a thing or two! That acceptance is everything; good reminder to this mother here. The last thing my father taught me before he died was how to change all the fluids in my car. I was 40.

        Thank you for the diary, xyz

        "If you're going through hell, keep going". -Winston Churchill

        by One bite at a time on Mon Oct 31, 2005 at 08:25:20 PM PST

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