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  •  Are there any scientific studies (none)
    and I doubt there are ... that show the biological effects on a fetus in the womb of a mother who does not WANT to carry the fetus?
    •  Well there are a lot that focused on (none)
      Mothers who didn't take care of themselves and or connect with the fact that they were having children.  I have no idea if there are any studies that have focused on women who objected overtly to the fact that they were pregnant.

      I think we will see a lot more preemies and birth defects than we have in a long time if women are forced to carry children that they don't want.  The interesting research might be to compare the low-birth weight rates and the rate of birth defects pre and post Roe v. Wade.  

      There are other factors that obviously contribute to shifts in those two markers, but it would still be interesting to see if there were any statistically scientific drops associated with the change in social behavior.

      •  Human body fantastic and not understood (none)
        Surely there is a way to measure the chemicals that are transmitted from mother to fetus .... during various emotional states like fear, depression, anxiety, happiness.  Surely there are studies that show the effects of increases and decreases in certain chemicals during fetal growth.

        I'm not talking about babies with physical deformities, but babies having received out-of-normal-range chemicals during fetal development.

        Probably no studies out there ... unless of course the drug companies could come up with a DRUG that would make them $millions to give to mothers to offset the chemical imbalance.

        •  Well actually I used to work on a drug (none)
          specifically designed for preemies and as I recall there are studies that address the causes of premaure birth and there are lots on low birth weight as well.  These studies weren't my focus because this drug was designed to protect kids from a virus that is commonly contracted by premies often resulting in death - so we thought more about the next steps than what got them there in the first place, but there are definitely studies.  If you are really interested the first two places I would start would be with the March of Dimes and UNICEF.  The UN does a lot of really good work and research surrounding human social issues like this one.

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