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  •  we can't let misogynistic extremists (4.00)
    return us to the dark ages of Henry V--we know how well that sick fuck and his backward society treated women. Fuck these sick twisted corrupt evil motherf*ing bastards. Also shows that their bs pr spin line justifying their illegal wars to liberate women in Afghanistan and Iraq was total freepin bogus bs. And after willfully bringing about so many unnecessary deaths to our citizens and those of other nations they now want to harm our women at home, they should be thrown out of office on their asses immediately. All of them. right now. period. This is beyond ethical and legal transgression. These sick sexist lying murderous bastards have shown that they are grossly without calibre, truely NOT qualified or competent to be serving in our highest office. They have shown and proven without doubt that they do not deserve the honor and privilege of these high positions. They need to be removed. It is entirely unacceptable. There is no place for them in our government or our fair minded democratic society. We need to rectify this. NOW.

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