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  •  Yes, it does sound cruel (none)
    You write so callously:

    "In the purest sense of the word (harsh tho it sounds, it's accurate...look it up) a fetus is a parasite dependent on it's host (ie mother) to survive. Until that fetus comes into the world and is unattached from the umbelical cord, it's entirely dependent on it's mother (ie host) to survive. This being the case, at the best, the fetus is apart of the the worse, it's a drain on the resources of it's host. "

    Well, I'm sorry, but by that logic it should be legal to kill a 3 year old child, or a 14 year old, for that matter, because even at those ages the children are still dependenct on its "host", as you put it.  Many adults who are disabled, unemployed, or just plain down on their luck are also ripe for the death chamber based on your cruel logic.  The elderly in nursing homes, hey, their dependent on their "hosts" to survive, so, "harsh as it sounds", according to you, I guess all of these lives are a "drain on the resources of it's host."

    I don't know who raised you or others of your ilk, but they did a horrible job of instilling compassion, sensitivity, and just basic human decency in you.  I'm sorry to be so "harsh", but when I hear this cruel talk my "emotions" just spontaneously react.  Its evil in the worst sense of the word, this nihilistic philosophy that you advance,  your utilitarian contract with the Devil that you propose we all follow.

    I'm sure the author of this diary did not intend for it to descend into a shouting match over abortion, but such a cruel philosophy enunciated by yourself and others on this blog carries over into other areas of society.  What a choice modern politics in America has descended into-choosing between "pro-life Republicans" who at the same time sponsor pre-emptive wars of aggression which kill hundreds of thousands, and at the same time cutting back on social programs for those already living-and "pro-choice Democrats", who will go to the barricades to stop the death penalty of a convicted mass-murderer but who think its ok to kill a human baby at anytime during a woman's pregnancy, and based upon your utilitarian logic, it would be ok to kill any life dependent on others for its survival.

    •  A fetus is not a "human baby." (none)

      Roe protects the right to reproductive choice absolutely only during the first three months.  We're talking about a mindless glob of cells here.

      How dare you pretend to be a liberal and preach this sort of cruel idiocy - that any abortion is the "murder" of a "human baby"?  How dare you try to make women feel guilty for valuing themselves above a blob?  How dare you try to destroy the peace of mind of women who had abortions - who did what they had to do, and what you will NEVER have to do?

      How dare you ask for broad-minded acceptance of your own differences from the mainstream - as indicated by your post below - and yet harangue others for their beliefs that are different from yours?  I know a couple of fundies who would love to come on this website and harangue you for a while.

      If your purpose is to force your religious beliefs on other people, you're in the wrong party, I don't care what your other beliefs are.  This is the fundamental difference between liberals and conservatives:  liberals are not into control of other people's behaviors and beliefs. As a corollary, we do not give heartless sermons signed to destroy other people's peace of mind.

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