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  •  Two as well ... (4.00)
    And, Alito making it to SCOTUS might just drive me to the point where one needs to run rather than fight anymore.

    My wife -- who immigrated here because of our marriage -- stated that she could not live in a country where a woman does not have a right to control her own body, make her own decisions.  Sadly, the American Taliban's stranglehold over the monstrocity known as the Republican Party might push this country past that point.

    I am fighting ... because it is the right thing to do ... but also because I don't want to run ...

    •  I've said this as well to my husband (4.00)
      I am not interested in living in a country that wants to undermine the health and well-being of women and treat them like property.

      I am currently in the process of shoring up my international friendships -- just in case.

      •  To put into context ... (4.00)
        Well before I met her, I was strongly 'pro-choice' and have done more 'pro-choice' type rallies / activities than probably any other 'single issue'.

        I rate this -- a woman's right to choose -- as a fundamental bell weather for privacy rights and for the relationship between religion and the state.  

        I am morally 'uncomfortable' re abortion -- really like the idea of 'legal, safe, and rare' -- but clearly understand that my 'discomfort' does not mean that I have the right to tell someone else what to do with their body and their life decisions. And, now, as the father of two (beautiful, amazing, etc ...) daughters, I know that I don't want anyone having that power over their decisions.

        We have overseas paths -- just would prefer not to have to follow them.

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