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  •  ack (none)
    "In the summer of 2002, even as the first moves on a new Homeland Security Department were under way, the president began lobbying for an open-ended resolution empowering him to wage war on Iraq.

    Members of Congress had heard rumors that the president might be eager to take on Saddam Hussein. And Bush had made clear his intentions to wage war on Iraq in several of our private meetings."

    And yet Bush was lying away - "haven't made up my mind yet" - and foolish Americans were buying it.  And Trent didn't see fit to tell us then what he knew?

    •  It gets worse (none)
      Lott carried water for the Cheney/Bush White House during the run-up to the Iraq resolution. He made sure that a more narrowly-focused version, sponsored by Senator Joe Biden and others, never got voted on.

      What puzzles me is why members of Congress have been so eager to cede power to another branch of government. The blowback from this is going to be enormous.

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