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  •  RECOMMENDED! (4.00)

    ...both this diary and the dKos TROLLHOUSE COOKBOOK, which I've had the good fortune of previewing.

    This is a real labor of love and a testament to the community that gathers here.  The Yearly Kos convention will be a great opportunity to solidify and expand our community further.  That means greater visibility and influence on the issues and candidates we support...and those we don't.

    So please consider buying a few copies of the dKos TROLLHOUSE COOKBOOK.  It comes with a special free gift: the BIPM household's 200 year-old tuna melt recipe, which was the deciding factor at the Battle of Trafalgar, when a dying Admiral Nelson proclaimed to his men: "Victory today...tuna melts tonight!"  The words are even etched in Westminster Abbey.

    Thank you, 42, grnrush and all the KoStars who contributed to this amazing effort.

    •  Oh man (4.00)
      In CA you can't even get 200 year old tuna.  You Mainers have all the luck!
    •  It is older than Trafalgar (4.00)
      Francis Drake, when informed of the approach of the Spanish Armarda in 1588, is reported to have said:

      Pshaw! The Dons will have to wait, the tuna melts are ready!

      King Charles I, when on the scaffold in 1649, was asked for his last words, stepped forward and said:

      I can go to my God with a clear conscience and a full stomach, that tuna melt was like mana

      Dr Johnson, the famous compiler of the first Dictionary of the English Language, ate nothing but tuna melts during the long years of labour.

      After Nelson, the Duke of Wellington, when asked to comment on the Battle of Waterloo said:

      It was a damn near run thing. If Blucher had not arrived with the tuna melts when he did then I believe the French might have triumphed.

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